How to transfer service between public sector plans

You may be able to transfer your eligible service if you are joining or leaving the plan.

How to transfer service between plans

There are deadlines for transferring service, so contact your new pension plan as soon as possible to confirm your eligibility.

Transferring your service out of the plan

If you're leaving an employer that participates in BC's Teachers' Pension Plan and would like to transfer your service to another plan that has an agreement with us, contact your new plan. They will let you know what’s required.

Transferring your service into the plan

If you’ve joined the Teachers' Pension Plan and would like to transfer your service from your old pension plan, submit the applicable form to us. We will tell you if you are eligible and let you know how much service we'll give you credit for. You can then use this information to decide whether you want to transfer service to the Teachers' Pension Plan and collect a single pension when you retire, or collect two separate pensions.

Which form should you submit?

If you are transferring service from:

  • A teachers' pension plan based in another province, submit the Interprovincial reciprocal transfer agreement (appendix A – application) form
    • exception: for service earned as a teacher in Alberta before February 1, 1995, submit the Interprovincial reciprocal agreement (information part 1) form
  • A public sector pension plan that's not a teachers' pension plan, submit the Pension transfer application (appendix A – transfer information request and authorization) form