Request an updated or replacement Termination selection statement online

Sign into My Account to request a Termination selection statement if you lost your statement or your guarantee date has passed

Request a Termination selection statement:

  1. Sign into My Account
  2. Review your profile and add any former spouse who has a claim to your pension
  3. Click Termination selection statement under the Statements drop-down menu
  4. Click Request under Step 2, Option 1
  5. Review your eligibility
  6. Click Submit request

You will receive a confirmation email to let you know we have received your request. Please allow up to two weeks for us to replace or create an updated statement.


To be eligible to request an updated or replacement Termination selection statement online, you must have:

  1. Registered for My Account
  2. Left your job with a plan employer
  3. Not started a new job with an employer in the same plan (for more information, visit the Employment section in Related content)
  4. Received a statement from us outlining your options
  5. Lost your statement or the guarantee date has passed
    • You can find the guarantee date listed under the Commuted value section on the statement we sent you
  6. Not reached your earliest retirement age; to check if you are at or past your earliest retirement age, see your Member’s benefit statement or visit When you can retire in Related content.

If you are not able to register for My Account, you can request an updated or replacement Termination selection statement by contacting the plan.

Required information
  • Your My Account sign-in information (username and password)