Starting a new job with an employer participating in the plan

Starting a new job with another employer participating in the plan? Learn how it affects your pension.

Each school district and association in BC's Teachers' Pension Plan is considered a separate employer. If you change employers (for example, if you start teaching in a different school district), you will formally stop contributing to the plan and then start again. Here's the process:

  1. Once you receive your last paycheck from your old employer, you will stop contributing to your pension; your contributions will remain with the plan
  2. When you start your new position, your new employer will automatically re-enrol you in the plan, and you and your new employer will begin making contributions

We will combine your service from your old and new jobs. You don't need to fill out any extra paperwork – this process will happen automatically. You will continue to accumulate service as long as you are working for a plan employer.

What happens if you take a second job with a plan employer

If you take a job with another employer that participates in the plan or work in more than one position with the same employer, you will make contributions and earn service in the second job like you do in your first job.

It's possible that the number of hours you work in your two jobs may exceed full time over the course of the year. If that happens:

  1. You will make contributions on your total combined salary during the year
  2. You will receive credit for full-time pensionable and contributory service for the year (this is a maximum set by the federal Income Tax Act)
  3. The total combined salary you earn in your two jobs (including salary earned above full time) will be considered when calculating your highest average salary for your pension

If you were eligible to contribute to the plan with one of your employers but pension contributions were not deducted from your pay, you may have arrears. Contact your employer if you think this applies to you.