How the plan’s investments are doing

Learn how the investment portfolio of BC's Teachers' Pension Plan performed in recent years.

Asset returns and benchmarks

The board tracks investment returns by categories in the portfolio.

The chart below shows how the plan’s investments in certain categories compare to performance benchmarks in 2022. A benchmark is a standard used to measure the performance of an investment or a portfolio.

2022 Rate of return vs benchmark (%)

Rate of return vs benchmark chart

The tables below compare the plan’s overall investment returns to performance benchmarks over 1-year, 5-year and 10-year periods.

The board expects that some years will have lower returns. That’s why it looks not only at quarterly and annual returns but also at long-term performance.

Annual rates Investment
returns (%)
benchmark (%)
2022 (3.4) (5.9)
2021 11.6 8.4
2020 10.7 11.2
2019 13.0 13.1
2018 2.3 0.8

annualized rates
2022 6.7 5.2
2021 9.9 8.7

annualized rates
2022 8.6 7.3
2021 10.1 8.8

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