Authorize us to share your pension information (retired member)

Send us an authorization form if you are a retired member and want to allow us to share your pension information with others, such as your financial adviser or lawyer.

Submit the form

  1. Complete the Release of information authorization (for retired member) form online; this form describes the types of information we can share and the names of the persons and organizations that can receive it
  2. Print, sign and date the form
  3. Make a copy of the form for your records
  4. Send the form to BC's Teachers' Pension Plan


If you are a retired member, you can use this form.

The form expires one year after the date you sign it.

Required information
  • Include the names of the persons or organizations we can share your pension information with
  • Describe the types of information (such as tax, pension income, and separation or divorce) we can share
  • Describe how the third party is to use the information

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