Retirement health coverage and you

Support your health and peace of mind. Learn about the coverage options available to you as a retired member of BC's Teachers' Pension Plan.

When you retire, any extended health care or dental coverage you were receiving through your employer will stop. However, you can apply for extended health care and dental coverage when you apply for your pension.

This optional coverage is provided through the Teachers' Pension Plan’s insurance carrier, Green Shield Canada, and gives you access to competitive group rates. As a result, if you choose to apply for retirement health coverage through the plan, you may pay lower rates than if you purchased these benefits on your own.

Your spouse and eligible dependants can also be covered under the extended health care and dental plans. See Green Shield Canada's My Benefit Plan booklet to learn more about eligibility requirements for dependants.

If you do not enrol when you apply for your pension, you can only enrol later on if you've had continuous coverage in a different extended health care and/or dental plan since your retirement date.

Extended health care

This supplemental plan extends your medical coverage beyond what's provided by the Medical Services Plan of BC and other provincial health plans. It covers part of the cost of prescription drugs, vision care, hearing aids, medical aids and supplies, as well as some services.

There are monthly premiums, yearly deductibles and lifetime limits associated with the extended health care plan.

Dental care

The dental plan covers part of the costs associated with preventive and restorative dental services. There are two dental plans to choose from, with different monthly premiums and eligible services for each.

How premiums are paid

You must pay monthly premiums to receive extended health care and dental coverage. Premiums are deducted from your pension payment. If your pension cannot cover the premiums, you can arrange to pay Green Shield Canada directly through pre-authorized debit.

These benefits are not guaranteed

The extended health care and dental coverage offered by the Teachers' Pension Plan is not guaranteed – your coverage, premiums and deductibles may increase, decrease or be eliminated.


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