Pension application checklist

Use our pension application checklist to stay on track when applying for your pension.

Although there are many details to consider when applying for your pension, our online application makes the process streamlined and efficient. The following checklist can also help you stay on track.

Inform your employer(s)

Contact your employer(s) in writing to arrange your last day of paid employment. We suggest you provide as much notice as possible to ensure a smooth transition to retirement. We also recommend clarifying with your employer when your extended health care and dental coverage ends. If you are working for multiple employers in the same plan, you must terminate all employment under the Teachers' Pension Plan in order to start receiving your pension.

Ensure your personal information is correct

Sign in to My Account to ensure that your personal information is correct and current. In particular, make sure that your personal email and phone number are listed, not your work contact information. If you have a former spouse with an entitlement to receive a portion of your pension, ensure you have uploaded a copy of your separation agreement or court order.

Apply to retire

Within 90 days of your pension effective date:

Sign in to My Account to access the online retirement application

Within the application, apply for the retirement health and dental coverage, if you are interested

Contact Service Canada to learn about other programs you may qualify for, such as:

Canada Pension Plan (available from age 60)

Old age security (available from age 65)

You can begin your pension application no sooner than 90 days before you’d like your pension to begin. Your pension effective date is the first of the month, following your final day on payroll. Make sure you submit your application at least 30 days before your pension effective date.

Applying for your pension online is an easy and efficient seven-step process. If you are unable to use the online retirement application, you may contact us to request a retirement application package. Visit Applying for your pension, under Pension Basics for next steps.

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