Apply for your pension online

It's easy to apply for your pension! Sign in to My Account and complete the online application up to 90 days before your pension effective date.

Applying for your pension online is a seven-step process. The application is streamlined and efficient, and you can save your application at any step along the way.

Before you begin

  1. Review the Planning for retirement and Retirement health coverage sections of this website; use the handy checklist to guide your preparation.
  2. Ensure you’ve arranged your last day of paid employment with your employer. Your employer sends us your final salary and service information. Arranging your retirement date with your employer helps ensure we have your correct information promptly, so we can pay your pension accurately and on time.
  3. Gather your required information, listed below, so you have it handy.
  4. Sign in to My Account to ensure your personal information is current and you have uploaded a copy of your identification. If you have a spouse, ensure their information is current and you have uploaded a copy of their identification, too.


Decide on your pension effective date

In My Account, in the Countdown to retirement section on the Dashboard page, select your pension effective date. Your pension effective date is the first of the month you’ll begin receiving your monthly pension payments.

When you are within 90 days of your pension effective date, you can begin your online pension application in the Countdown to retirement section.


Apply online

  1. Confirm your contact information. Ensure your personal email and phone number are listed, not your work contact information.
  2. Confirm your spousal information is correct.
  3. Choose your pension option. If your choice of pension option requires a spousal waiver, you will need to print the waiver, have your spouse sign it in the presence of a witness, and upload the completed form.
  4. Nominate your beneficiaries. Your pre-retirement beneficiaries are entitled to a portion of your pension should you die before retirement, but not after. Now that you are retiring, you must nominate beneficiaries again. You may also nominate alternate beneficiaries. If you have a spouse, your spouse is your primary beneficiary unless they have signed the Form 2 spousal waiver.
  5. Select which health coverage from the plan, if any, you wish to apply for, and add your eligible dependants. When you retire, any extended health care and dental coverage you were receiving through your employer will stop. You are responsible for paying the premiums associated with any coverage you choose.
  6. Provide your payment information for direct deposit to a Canadian bank account.
  7. Review your application. You will not be able to make any changes after you submit it. Use the Print retirement summary button to print a paper copy of your application or save a copy as a PDF.


After you’ve submitted your application

After you click Submit, you’ll receive your first pension payment at the end of the month your pension is effective. We'll contact you if we have any questions or need more information. If you have questions, please contact us; we’re here to help.

If you need cancel or change your application, contact us as soon as possible.

Another way to apply for your pension

You can also apply for your pension by completing a paper application. Submit your completed forms and copies of any required documents by uploading (scan or photo) to My Account Message Centre or by mailing them to BC's Teachers' Pension Plan.


If you are an active or inactive member, you are eligible to apply for your pension once you reach the earliest retirement age of 55 .

Before starting your application, please contact the College Pension Plan if:

  • You are a limited member
  • You have separated or divorced and there may be a division of your pension with your former spouse
  • You are currently on LTD leave
Required information
  • Your My Account sign-in information (username and password)
  • An electronic copy (.pdf, .jpg, png or .bmp) of government-issued identification to confirm your age and identity
    • if the valid forms of identification (listed below) are not available, contact us for acceptable alternatives
    • if you’ve changed your name and it’s not reflected on these documents, include a legal change-of-name document or marriage certificat for each name change
  • If you are applying for a joint life pension, an electronic copy (.pdf, .jpg, .png or .bmp) of government-issued identification to confirm your spouse’s age and identity
  • Your bank account information

Examples of acceptable forms of government-issued identification include:

  • Valid Canadian provincial or territorial driver’s licence
  • Valid photo BC Services Card
  • Canadian birth certificate
  • Valid Canadian passport (photo page)
  • Canadian marriage certificate (with date of birth)