Modernizing retirement health coverage

Help shape the future of the plan's extended health care and dental coverage

The board is currently reviewing the plan’s retirement health coverage. To help inform our decisions, we are seeking feedback from retired plan members as well as active members within five years of retirement. The first stage of this review—a focus group with retired members—is now complete. You will have another opportunity this fall to take part and share your input.

Retirement health coverage is optional and funded by members. The board reviews the plan’s retirement health coverage periodically to ensure the benefits and premiums provide the best value for members.

No changes are being made to extended health care and dental coverage at this time.

What we learned from focus groups and interviews

In fall 2022, we invited retired members who were enrolled in extended health and/or dental coverage to share their feedback in focus groups and individual interviews. We contracted with Delaney and Associates, an organization that specializes in engagement, to arrange and run the focus groups and interviews. Sixty retired members participated. Read the What we learned report to find out what those members shared.

Modernizing retirement health coverage

We recognize how important retirement health coverage is to members. Our goal is to modernize the retirement health coverage available through the plan to ensure we find balance between the cost of premiums and the coverage provided.

The costs of providing the current program are increasing, particularly for prescription drugs. Members are taking more medications, and most new drugs coming to market are more costly than current drugs that treat the same condition.

How to share your feedback

The initial member feedback gathered during the focus groups will inform a membership-wide survey in fall 2023. Check the plan website in summer 2023 and follow the plan on Twitter (@BCTeachersPlan) for information about how to participate.

How your feedback will be used

Your voice is important to us as we review the plan’s retirement health coverage. We will consider members’ feedback in our decision making.

We will keep you informed throughout the process. If the board decides to move ahead with changes to retirement health coverage, we will announce that by fall 2024. We expect any changes would be effective January 1, 2025, at the earliest.

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