Engagement process

Learn how the board is reviewing the plan’s retirement health coverage and how you can participate.

The Teachers’ Pension Board of Trustees is reviewing the plan’s retirement health coverage to ensure the program meets the needs of members, provides good value for money and is sustainable over the long term. The board recognizes how important extended health and dental coverage is to members and is collecting member feedback about possible changes to the program.

Part one of a two-phase member engagement process was launched in late 2022. Retired members were invited to participate in focus groups to provide feedback on the current health and dental plans, including what is working well and what might be improved. About 60 retired members participated. Read the What we learned report to find out what those members shared.

In September 2023, phase two of the engagement process invited all retired members and active members within five years of retirement to participate in an online survey. Read the report to see what we learned.

The purpose of the engagement is to ensure the voice of members is considered alongside other factors as the board reviews and evaluates potential changes to the retirement health coverage program. No changes are being made to the extended health or dental coverage right now; however, the board is considering changes for implementation in 2025.

The board has contracted Delaney, a third-party engagement firm, to support planning, implementing and reporting on an engagement process with members.

Engagement timeline

The chart below highlights milestones in the process.

Fall 2022 (phase one)

Retired members enrolled in retirement health coverage were invited to discuss what was working well and what might be improved.

Fall 2023 (phase two)

An online survey sought feedback from active members within five years of retirement and all retired members on potential changes the board may consider.

Spring 2024

Information about what was learned in phase two of the engagement was shared with members. The board will review the results as well as other factors to make a decision about changes to retirement health coverage.

Summer 2024

Any changes to retirement health coverage will be communicated to members through the plan website and Pension Life.

January 1, 2025

Potential changes would come into effect.

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