Take a deeper dive into some our most popular pension plan topics.

Enhancing My Account Security: 2-step verification

We’ve added an extra layer of protection to My Account – here’s what you need to know

Get cyber safe

Each year the Canadian Government reminds people to get cyber safe as part of Fraud Prevention Month. In support, we want to remind you to take the necessary precautions to be safe from online threats.

The facts about 2018 plan changes

Check your understanding of the 2018 plan changes

Investing for your future

Whether you are new to your pension plan or ready to retire soon, it’s worth understanding why the plan’s investments are important for your pension.

A lesson in responsible investing

Learn how the plan’s investments are making a difference while securing your future.

Reporting the death of a member

It’s stressful to deal with the affairs of a loved one who recently passed away. Whether you’re a family member, friend or executor (or a combination), we’re here to help you through the process of reporting a plan member’s death to the pension plan.

Buy service to boost your pension

Returning from a leave of absence? Learn how buying service can increase your pension or help you retire sooner.

Five ways to make early retirement work for you

Retiring before 65? Learn how to make the most of your early retirement pension.

Working after retirement: what you need to know

Retirement doesn’t always mean the end of your career. Find out what happens if you go back to work after your pension starts.

When retirement’s a tough decision: health issues and retirement planning

Is a concern about your personal health or the health of a family member causing you to consider early retirement? This article will help you explore your options.

Don’t miss the boat on health and dental coverage

You can sign up for retirement health coverage for you and your loved ones after you retire, but restrictions apply. Make sure you know the rules!

Six tips for tackling your tax return in retirement

Learn how receiving a pension affects your tax return—and how you can make filing your taxes easier

Taking care of your health in retirement

Choosing to enrol in extended health care and dental coverage when you retire might be just what the doctor ordered

How sturdy is your retirement income?

Learn about the sources of income that can help you build a solid financial plan for retirement.

Adjusting for inflation

Cost-of-living adjustments added to your pension will help preserve your buying power throughout your retirement.

Ending a relationship – and what it means for your pension

If you and your spouse separate or divorce, you'll need to decide how to divide your shared family assets, including your pension.

Time for a minivan? Your pension and your children

Having a child is a life‐changing event that brings new responsibilities. It's a good time to consider some work and pension‐related issues.

Union work stoppage and your pension

What happens if your union goes on strike, or your employer initiates a lockout? Learn more here so you can feel confident you have the right information.