Tell us if your spouse dies

If your spouse was not a plan member, contact us using Message Centre in My Account or by phone.

When you contact BC’s Teachers' Pension Plan, we will guide you through what steps you might need to take to keep your pension up to date.

Send us a copy of the death certificate

You will need to send us a copy of your spouse’s death certificate. Attach a copy to a message using Message Centre in My Account. If you prefer, you can mail or fax a copy to us.

If you’re receiving your pension

If your spouse was covered under your voluntary extended health care or dental plans, we will adjust your coverage. If needed, we will refund any premiums.

Your ability to name a new beneficiary may be restricted. It depends on:

  • The pension option you chose when you applied for your pension
  • Whether your spouse was your beneficiary

Using My Account is the quickest and simplest way to see and update your beneficiary information. Once you sign in, you can find out if you can name a new beneficiary, and you can make the change immediately.

If you cannot access My Account, you can look on your annual statement to see if you are able to name a new beneficiary. If so, send us a Change of beneficiary (for retired member) form.

If you aren’t yet receiving your pension

Using My Account is the quickest and simplest way to update your beneficiary information.

If you cannot access My Account, send us a Nomination of beneficiary (pre-retirement) form.

Learn about potential death benefits from other agencies

Inform Service Canada of your spouse’s death. Service Canada can answer your questions about the Canada Pension Plan, old age security and related programs.


External links in the event of a death

Contact Service Canada

Contact Green Shield Canada