How to apply for disability benefits

Find out how to apply for disability benefits if you are totally and permanently disabled.

If you become totally and permanently disabled before age 61, you may be eligible for a disability benefit from BC’s Teachers' Pension Plan. A disability benefit pays you a monthly amount for your lifetime and replaces any termination benefits or retirement pension you would normally receive as a plan member.

If you are eligible for a disability benefit, you must contact us within two years of the last time you received credit for service in the plan. This could be:

  • Your last day working and contributing to the plan
  • Your last day receiving a payment from a group disability plan

Contact us if you're unsure of these dates.

After we receive your request for a disability benefit:

  1. We will provide you an estimate of the monthly payment you may be entitled to
  2. You must send us a medical report from your doctor describing the nature of your disability
  3. The plan will appoint a second doctor, who will meet with you and prepare a second medical report
  4. Both doctors must confirm that you are totally and permanently disabled
  5. We will review all your information and let you know if your application for a disability pension has been approved or rejected

If we approve your application, we will pay your disability benefit based on the pension option you choose.

There is no bridge benefit with a disability benefit.

You may also be eligible for a separate disability benefit from Canada Pension Plan.

If you are applying for disability benefits and you have a former spouse with entitlement to your pension, we may request additional documents. Please review the Divorce and Separation topic pages for more information.

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