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Good things ahead in January

A strong 2017 valuation will lead to a trio of improvements coming to the Teachers’ Pension Plan.  These improvements will be positive for all plan members.

Read the Board Communique: March 19, 2018


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Want to learn more about about your pension plan? Take a time out to dive deeper into one of these topics.

Adjusting for inflation

Cost-of-living adjustments added to your pension will help preserve your buying power throughout your retirement.

How sturdy is your retirement income?

Learn about the sources of income that can help you build a solid financial plan for retirement.

Ending a relationship – and what it means for your pension

If you and your spouse separate or divorce, you'll need to decide how to divide your shared family assets, including your pension.


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Read the latest news and updates from BC's Teachers' Pension Plan.

Pension Life

Read the latest issue of Pension Life, the newsletter that keeps retired members informed about their pension and connected to BC's Teachers' Pension Plan.

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You will find the date of your next pension payment under Taxes and pension payments.

Looking for information about your retirement health care and dental coverage? Retirement health coverage will provide you with all you need to know.

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The executive director of BC's Teachers' Pension Plan shares perspectives on the latest news from the plan and across the Canadian retirement landscape.

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Get to know BC's Teachers' Pension Plan and how it contributes to the economy.

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These studies and reports show the strength and value of Canada's public sector pension plans thanks to their responsible approach to funding and prudent investment philosophy.

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Looking for facts about BC's Teachers' Pension Plan? These easy-to-share resources provide useful information about the plan for members, employers and union representatives.