Pension Life - Summer 2021

Your health and dental coverage

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Green Shield Canada provides retired plan members access to optional extended health care and dental coverage. To learn more about coverage options for retired plan members, please read Retirement health coverage and you.

Green Shield Canada (GSC) loves to make life easier for plan members, especially in light of the day-to-day challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. With that in mind, GSC has good news to share! Soon, it’s taking the online and mobile experience to the next level with a new-look member self-service site and app.

Over the years, GSC has dedicated significant time to encouraging plan members to actively manage their benefits. GSC wants you to feel empowered to take the wheel, navigate through online self-service tools and get the most out of your benefits coverage.

In many ways, the new online and mobile services have been created for plan members by plan members. The enhancements were driven by insights shared by GSC plan members through user studies and customer research—covering pain points, recommendations and plenty of healthy discussion. The result is a forward-thinking self-service experience that raises the bar in the industry.

The highlights

  • Everything you need within easy reach: Throughout the planning process, GSC made it a top priority to ensure every process was easy to navigate—from checking benefit coverage to submitting online claims to uploading documents. GSC is confident the changes will save you time!
  • Clear language: The member studies were extremely valuable in identifying the words and phrases that slowed down or confused the online experience. GSC’s new self-service site clears up those instances, doubling down on plain language. If you’ve hesitated to take the online path in the past, now is the time to give it a try.
  • A consistent experience (online or with the app): Another important upgrade is alignment of the online experience online and the app. Learn your way around once and you’re all set, no matter which device you use.

Next steps

For now, just look out for more information—and get ready to check out GSC’s member self-service site and mobile app later this year.

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