Pension Life - Summer 2021

Reg Bawa comes full circle

TPP board trustee Reg Bawa

When it comes to pension administration and governance, trustee Reg Bawa pulled a 360. His well-rounded experiences in work and life have taken him from rookie pension employee to long-time trustee and current vice-chair of the Teachers’ Pension Board of Trustees.

Reg’s pension experience began in 1992 at the BC Superannuation Commission (the predecessor to the BC Pension Corporation). He worked there just as BC was starting to plan the joint trusteeship model that still exists today. This involvement gave Reg a solid background in pension knowledge. He went on to build his career in the public sector with the Ministry of Education, where he gained a good understanding of how school districts operate.

In July 2010, Reg was appointed to the plan’s board by the provincial government. Circling back to pensions seemed natural to him. “Pensions was where my career started and it was an opportunity to get back into the field,” he says. Reg’s 30 years of experience in the public sector helps guide his decision making and collaboration with other trustees. Collaboration is crucial to what Reg is most passionate about as a trustee: cultivating good governance.

The office isn’t the only place Reg broadened his skill set. Outside of work he coached his kids’ soccer and baseball teams for 10 years, until they grew out of the sports. “There are a lot of parallels between coaching kids’ sports and leading teams and organizations,” he says.

Since becoming a trustee, Reg has learned the importance of building strong relationships and the value of diverse views among trustees. These factors have contributed to the strength of the plan, something Reg is proud of. “The plan is a healthy fund that will fulfil the promise of an earned pension for all members,” he says.

Despite his busy schedule, Reg has time to stay active. Born in Port Alberni and now living in Victoria, he loves outdoor activities like walking, biking and going to the beach. During his down time he can be found puttering around the yard or spending time with his wife and two teenagers.

Throughout his career, Reg has stayed in the pension loop. From pension administration to kids’ sports to pension plan governance, he’s come full circle.

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