Pension Life - Summer 2024

Comprehensive care: Changes to retirement health coverage

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Message from the trustees

Your extended health plan is changing on January 1, 2025. After a full review, we are taking action to ensure your health coverage better reflects members’ needs. These changes will improve coverage for vision care, hearing care and paramedical services like physiotherapy and counselling. The changes will also help keep the plan sustainable for all plan members now and in the future.

What’s changing?

  • Coverage for vision care, including eye exams, will increase to $400 every two years for adults and children—up from $300 every two years (adults) and every year (children).
  • Coverage for hearing care will increase to $2,000 every five years—up from $1,400 every four years.
  • Coverage for paramedical services, including counsellors and social workers, will increase to $1,500 every year—up from $1,000 every year.
  • Prescription drugs will be covered at 80 per cent up to $2,000 of paid expenses (previously the first $1,000 of paid expenses), then at 100 per cent of eligible expenses for the remainder of the calendar year.
  • Coverage for prescription drugs will have an annual maximum of $20,000 per claimant.
  • We are removing the preferred arrangement on prescriptions with Costco.

Engagement and decision making

In fall 2023, we engaged with retired members and those approaching retirement, seeking feedback on options for potential changes to the retirement health coverage program. The results of this engagement were shared on the plan website in spring 2024. The board reviewed and considered member feedback, along with best practices for plan administration, data on how coverage is used and financial analysis. These factors helped determine the changes made.

Retirement health coverage remains optional and is member funded. We periodically review the program to ensure that coverage and premiums align with the best interests of plan members.

“Retirement health coverage remains optional and is member funded.”

For detailed information, please refer to the material under related content. Your health matters, and extended health care and dental coverage remains a priority for the board. Thank you to everyone who participated in the engagement.

A note about the Canadian Dental Care Plan

Recent information from the Government of Canada indicates most retired members are not eligible to participate in the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP). You may be eligible if you opted out of the dental plan offered by the Teachers’ Pension Plan before December 11, 2023.

Do not make any decisions about your current and future dental coverage until you review the CDCP eligibility criteria on the Canadian Dental Care Plan web page. You can find this information in the external links. If you decline or cancel the dental coverage offered through the Teachers’ Pension Plan, you may not be allowed to rejoin at a future date.

External link to CDCP

Canadian Dental Care Plan